the actualization of our ancestors
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Diasporic Dynasty is a newly-established Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (#BIPOC) collective, aiming to champion and uplift the stories of BIPOC within the Vancouver Performing Arts communities.  Our group comprises of burlesque and drag performers who have performed around the province over the past decade - thus, our practice largely centers on movement, striptease, and satire while celebrating the diversity in our voices and paths.

Our name, "Diasporic Dynasty" represents two Truths:

  • that collectively we are the descendants of those that have been scattered and displaced by colonialism,

  • that *also* collectively, we are the descendants of mighty and magnificent peoples.

As individuals weary of working in productions and communities that do not see us as priorities, we have joined together to decolonize stages and foster inclusive opportunities for BIPOC creators.


Our mission is simple: To be the actualization of our ancestors, to usher in a new age of performance, and to welcome our diasporic siblings home.

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Behold Us:

Diasporic Dynasty Debut Showcase

Livestream Available

This show will be available for streaming for a limited time. Contact us to get access to our debut.


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Looking to include more BIPOC performance artists to your show? Want to feature our collective?

Send us a message, we would love to hear from you!